Mar 13, 2011

Odd Thought

Watching the horrible aftermath of the tsunami wave that hit Japan made me wonder if one could solve the problems in the Middle East.
I don't know what else could put them on the same side.  The human side.
I don't know how to fight an enemy who does not value their own life or those of their children, and I don't know anybody who does, either.

They really have us there, don't they?

It's a whole new kind of war and it's been going on for quite a while now and we are not winning or losing.  We are trying to hold our own and waiting to see what happens.  We scurry around and react to everything they do, too late.  We sacrifice our own freedoms and conveniences that we have worked hard to earn in the name of safety.  Give me a break.  I have done nothing to be searched for and I'll be damned if I will stand in a line and teach my children that it is normal to submit to that.  How do you think they got those poor Jewish people on those trains?  Why show your hand and force someone if you can entice them to do it on their own?  The self made chains of slavery are nothing to sneeze at, people.  We do it to ourselves all the time, and often because we want to be "polite", and not make a scene.  Do not be afraid of a scene, my dears, any woman who has ever given birth will tell you it is not fatal.  In fact, it can be empowering.

Remember the Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All?  She had something to say on this subject:

"How soon, sugar, the terrible becomes routine.  We've all got this dangerous built-in talent: for turning horrors into errands.  You hear folks wonder how the Germans could've done it?  I believe part of the answer is: They made extermination be a nine-to-five activity.  You know, salaries?  Lunch breaks?  And the staff came and did their job and went home and ate supper and slept and woke and came back and did their job and came home and ate their supper and slept and woke and came back and did their job. ---That's partly how you get anything done, especially a chore what's dreadful, dreadful. --Honey?  We've  all got to be real careful of what we can get used to."

Is that gold or what? 
She said this after telling a story about how the North burned out a plantation and while doing it talked about their wives and children, their plans for after the war.  Like it was a normal day.  By then I think it was a normal day for them.  A normal day.

Please think hard about how much of an affect simply "accepting" changes can make in the world and in people's minds.  Think long and hard about it because once things change they never go back to the same way again.  We live in the greatest country in this world and it's the greatest because of our freedoms.  People risk their lives for it all the time.  We've fought for it ALWAYS.
It is staggering if you think about it for even 5 minutes.
Make your choices count.


  1. We have plenty of our "own" that would turn horrors into errands and go home to eat supper with their children, go to bed, and get up in the morning and do it all over again. I absolutely believe that.

  2. Me too. It is scary how easily it can happen. Being aware of the danger is important, more every day if you ask me. It is too easy in today's world to go along out of trying to be nice only to find yourself seeming to "agree" or "condone" things that are against your basic principles. Speak up or deal with the consequences is my own personal rule. :)


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