Jun 23, 2014

Prayer For A Happy Death.......

Life is full of twists, turns and surprises.  Dealing with death, and grief, is a part of life that you may get used to, but the pain never lessens, as far as I know.  Whether death comes suddenly or after a long decline, you will learn that it is really just the last doorway we all pass through on this earth.  After that it is a mystery, and people of faith have a comfort that people without faith simply do not.  People without faith are truly bereft, having nothing to hold on to after that. 

Dealing with death is just another skill we are forced to learn along the way, unless you die very young.   Everyone has their own way of dealing with it, but I did find a prayer that I thought fit.  I found this one  here.  I thought it covered everything, and the second stanza especially has helped me when seeing someone through that doorway.  

In the times when you feel completely abandoned and left behind, that is when you should know that none of us is EVER completely abandoned or left behind, because God is with us all.  No matter how scared, lonely, or broken we are, He is with us.  We are never alone, even in death.  Our loved ones who have gone before are waiting on our rebirth into that realm, and they rejoice to see us again.  They are waiting for you or your loved one just like we wait on babies to be born on earth.  This is the comfort of Christians.  I highly recommend this comfort, and I hope this prayer will help you when you most need it.  All you ever have to do is ask, and He will be there.

A Prayer For The Dying

Dear Heavenly Father, with heavy hearts we come to you.  You are Almighty Creator God; holy and full of grace and love.  Our hearts are heavy because of a life that is leaving us.  Death engulfs us Lord.  Fear is waiting to take us down.  Thank you Father, that because of Jesus, You know our fear and pain intimately.  Thank You that Jesus knows the way through this dark shadow.  Take the hand of our dear sister/brother and make Yourself known.  Guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  Keep that which is Your own and take it into eternity to be with You.  In Jesus, death is but a shadow.  Jesus has swallowed up its sorrow and pain.  Thank you Jesus for the cross.  Thank you Jesus for the resurrection.  Lord, we are before You, confessing that You are Lord of all; the gate keeper to eternal life.  Your grace and love abound even as our sin seems ever increasing.  Take our hands, Lord, and lead us through.  We lay our fears at your feet.  Your promise is that You- and You alone- will come to take us home.  As it says in Psalms 23:4, "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; thy rod and staff, they comfort me."

Thank You for the comfort we find in Your presence.  Through the holy spirit we know Your presence is with us.  Send us Your peace, Lord, the peace that passes all understanding.  Don't let us waver and doubt.  Give us a faith that is everlasting.  We release our lives into Your hands.   As we wait and watch, we know Lord that none of us will escape this journey through death.  Teach us how to embrace it with faith.  Give us strength to hold up those who are stepping closer to seeing You face to face.  Take away the fear in the heart of our loved one who will soon see You; let them find peace in Your grace, comfort in Your love, and strength in Your mighty power over death.  Comfort us as our grief seems to over power us.

You are a good, just, righteous and loving Father.  Don't let us grow bitter in this shadow of death.  But pierce our hearts with a joy that we cannot fathom or understand.  A joy that is above all that is corrupted here on earth.  Jesus, You wept over death, and so to, we weep.  But it is a grief and a mourning that has joy on the other side.  You are conqueror of all; and so we trust You.  We trust that You will do what is right, what is loving.  Whether in death or in life, Your will is accomplished and You are sovereign.  May we know Your presence Lord.  Keep us ever aware of Your loving hand guiding us through all things.  In the name of Jesus, we pray.