Dec 7, 2014

Update of Winter Garden....

It has been cold here.  The pansy's I planted outside have some ice on them this morning.  It will be almost 60 today though.  It is warm, and they are snuggled down in a protective layer of leaves.

They are doing fine, considering they looked like this a few weeks ago.  I got this basket at the Heart and Home Tea Room, and put it in the ground so that this spring it will be full of flowers.

Inside, my bulbs that burst forth so fast are flagging.  I am keeping them moist but I think it's been too cold and they have not had enough sunshine.  I almost moved them to the porch the other day, but then thought better of it.  I think it is always better to let them struggle and make it on their own.  I KNOW that it gives better grapes, so we will see if they rally or linger or what.

On the 23rd of November I ran across some seeds for herbs and flowers and thought I'd plant some just to see if they would do anything this winter in the old retreat around the garden tub.  There is a Habitat for Humanity Restore where I found a bunch of flower pots and baskets for $1 each, so I grabbed a bunch and put in Four O'Clock seeds from Paula I've had for years, Rosemary, Thyme, Green Onions (because the ones I transplanted died in the pot.  So I bought another bunch and will drag the jelly jar back out), and Mustard.
So far, I have Four O'Clock's coming up in the beige pot pictured above.  They get pretty big, almost a bush, and produce the prettiest flowers that open in the late afternoon and close in the mornings.  Hopefully these will be ready to transplant outside as good sized plants this spring.
That, at least, is my hope.  They may not make it, we will just have to see.  That is why I only planted a few of each.  If I get a head start in the spring great.  If nothing makes it till then, I tried but still have plenty of seeds left.

In this snazzy red pot, look who has popped up.
Thyme.  Common Thyme.
Thyme for courage.
Associated with treating uterine (women's) issues
Also a cure for whooping cough.
Thyme thrives best with plenty of room to spread out.
Much like women themselves.

How cool is that?