Nov 11, 2014

Winter's Here! Retreat........

One of the things I am most excited about in this new house is the garden tub.  I like it even more than the dishwasher, which really cannot be measured by any device known to man.  I thought about what to do with the counter area around it.  It's quite a lot of space.  There were a bunch of baskets with fake greenery in them when we got here but I changed that quickly.  With the skylight this area gets a lot of natural light every day.  It's warm in here.  Aaaaannnndddd all the flower pots and gardening stuff and nurseries were having great sales a couple of weeks ago.  So........

I grabbed several pansy's and some bulbs.  Tulips, Hyacinths, Muscari, Jonquils......

I planted them down under the pansy's, it was kinda crowded, and do you know, they started coming up?

This was a week after I had gotten everything planted.  I was delighted!!
Then I grabbed my green onions that I always keep going in my kitchen window, just in the water?  
And I tucked them in too.  Then, I saw some Lamb's Ear growing in the yard, and I found a pot for it too.  There is lots of good stuff growing in your yard too.  Start noticing it, identifying it and digging it up for little pots if you have a place for any.

During this time, I ordered a beginner's guide to wild flowers and herbal medicines.  And then I used some ginger to make my hot toddy mix, so I threw it in a pot also, because it's another thing that it's crazy to buy when you can just throw in a pot of dirt.  Like cabbage!

I didn't take a picture of that, but just look at all the stuff coming up in my bathroom!!
Oh, and I grabbed an Aloe Vera plant on sale for 1/2 price too, because, well, Aloe Vera.  Everybody needs that!  All the time!

In between I put some oil lamps that are too fragile to risk anywhere else in the house, some housewarming presents, and some of my oldest, dearest pretty bowls and possessions.  Things that have moved with me every time since I left home.  Things that have always had a place in my home and always will.  Precious things to me.

Then I read about teas and infusions in my beginner's book and decided to save my petals.  They can dry right there and I found some good jars with lids and stoppers at a Habitat for Humanity Restore that's near me.

So while winter may have arrived, it isn't going to change a thing in my bathroom.  I have stuff to keep me busy all winter.  In fact, there were some raised flower pot holders at a flea market I was at the other day.  I may go back for them, because I can do all my spices in here too.

 It's starting to feel like home.  And it smells wonderful!!!  It's easy to water and clip and sort all right here, from the tub.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but when isn't life a little crazy?  It's a great pay off and will continue to be throughout a long winter.  

No telling how big this may get.  I can't wait to start the book either, and I can do that in the tub too.  :D
I have an imaginary friend who's always saying to bloom where you're planted.  I think I'm gonna check that one off my list!