Apr 19, 2011

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World......

A look at the headlines today:

Kids will no longer be able to participate in "dangerous games" such as Freeze, Tag, etc.  From NY:


Shakes head and mumbles about a new trend toward the "art of manliness".......fantasizes about getting rid of adults who have such idea's with a deadly game of Red Rover.  Tells self to get a grip.  Takes deep breath.

Here's something different:  The Feds are trying to get Blago to shut up.  BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.  .......Wonders at the incompetence of Obama to even be a thug.  The Clinton's would have had this guy knocked off and all his computers stolen a LONG time ago.....well, whatever comes for this guy, I 'm sure he has bought and paid for it.

Looking further,  a Texan reporter apparently  not only asked Obama a serious question (the nerve!), but expected him to answer it!  This is actually worth seeing 

.  And I believe it.  Kind of embarrassed (for our country) at how much of a whiny crybaby it makes O look like, though.  Asks God to continue to bless Texas, expecially with the undeclared war in the streets down there on the border........which nobody ever seems to want to report or talk about.

and finally: for the cherry on top of this crazy sundae:
Instead of getting a grip and stopping these insane searches by the TSA, Congressman Jason Chaffetz is drafting legislation that will require parental supervision during the pat-down of a child.  In other words, he thinks that making even more rules for patdown's will help.
  Airlines clearly do not get it.  Stop flying while we still have some rights left or we will be standing in lines for the rest of our natural born days.

I wish there was still land left undiscovered and the idiot population hadn't grown quite so fast.  But here I sit, right in the middle of all of this.  Is it any wonder I don't want to leave my house anymore????  It makes me wish for the old days, when men were men, war was war, and nobody would have ever patted down a child for anything, let alone cried over a game of Freeze or Tag.

When I say real life is beginning to resemble The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, I am telling the truth.

For a light ending, let's look at this.  It's no less depressing or stupid, but it is kind of funny.
Some people in FL spent $14,000 on 6,000 capes(like Superman wore) for the unemployed.  If you are wondering why they would do that, or what good a cape would do an unemployed person, you are not alone.  I, too, wondered the same thing. 

"Workforce Central Florida Director Gary J. Earl defends the program, saying it is part of a greater effort to connect with the community."

Does that clear it up for you?  Would wearing a cape like Superman make you feel more connected with the community?  NO?????

Me either.

Meet you at the funny pages the next couple of days, huh?