Aug 21, 2011

Busy Summer

I have been gone a long time, I know.  So much for making myself do something everyday, beyond what I feel I 'have" to do. 

Oh, well.

I have been to lots of cemeteries, and I apologize to those following who had all those notifications.  It seems that in trying to send pictures to an email address to be used in the blog, instead they all showed up as new posts.  Which would have been ok, had I at least put a caption with them.  Someday I hope to put them all into a post.  Barring that, I will at least add a caption to each one of them.  Obviously I do not know what I am doing.  However,  I have gotten through most of my life in just that way, so if you were expecting anything else, you should get used to this. 

Acceptance.  It's a quality that makes life easier.  For everyone, if you must know.  wink wink

Last weekend I took the Grand Finale over to see one of my friends who was visiting her folks.  They have a lake in the back with an island.  The boys immediately got in the water, then decided to take a canoe to the island.  They were warned before they started that the boat only had one paddle, but this did not slow them down in the least.  The next 45 minutes were spent with my friend and I laughing hysterically at two 14 year-olds trying their darndest to paddle a boat with one paddle.  I had measured them that very day, and one is 5' 10" and the other 5' 11".  I didn't weigh them but they are well over 100 lbs. each and wear size 11 and 12 shoes.  The one that was paddle less at the time (this changed periodically) would either use their arm as a paddle in the front of the boat, or sit in the back and kick.  Finally one jumped out, the better to push, and then they both jumped out.  So they are now trying to "swim" the boat to shore.  I don't know how long they tried pushing the boat before they discovered that they could touch, but we were laughing especially hard during that time.  Luckily they were so far away they couldn't hear it and I'm sure they didn't look back.  They had other things on their minds.

By now they were pretty far away, and our eyes are pretty old.  The boys were fine, the boat was safe, and they seemed to be playing some kind of game where they were taking turns diving into the water on either side of the boat.  We wondered what they were doing, but who knows what kind of games twin 14 year old boys might dream up?  We continued to enjoy the time uninterrupted, which is still hard for me to get used to, even though my children are practically grown men now.

When they finally made it back, we learned that they had thrown the anchor in and too late, discovered that the anchor was not, as it should have been, secured to the boat in any way.  So the diving "game" we had witnessed turned out to be them frantically diving to "save" the anchor.

We laughed extra hard at that.  It was a great afternoon and so good to see her.  She also finally got to see the twins for the first time since they were babies.  I do not know where the years go, only that they do, and they go very fast at that.

In other news I have had a few "high energy" days.  Don't ask me how, but I actually got through some closets and they are in order! 

Now, I have proof of my labor in the form of a big pile of clothes on the living room floor, carefully separated into sizes and in order by item.  I fervently hope that the high energy wave hasn't completely left the shore.  If  I don't get them sold or hauled away they will still be sitting there at Christmas, which just may be when I post next!

School is back in session.  Whether you view this as good or bad, if your children are out of the house all day at least there is food left when you come home at night, so take heart!  Take what heart you can and prepare to be five and ten dollared to death in exchange for food that no one is eating in your house all day.

This is as good as it gets these days, and it's not all that bad.