Nov 7, 2014

Home Remedy Prep Time

Did you see that moon??????
And are these not beautiful fall days???????
This is a repeat but after moving I had to remix my popular hot toddy mix again.
If you missed it before,
Grab a canning jar
Cut up a couple oranges and a lemon in slices
Cram them in the jar
Grab 2 finger lengths of ginger, give it a rough chop.
Cram that into the jar also
Throw the left over ginger in a potted plant, it will regrow.
Now grab some honey (local is best but any will do)
And fill the jar with honey.
That will take longer than the entire rest of the process.
This is best done while eating cherry cordial Hershey's kisses.
When the honey had filled the jar, 
cap the top and store in the refrigerator.
Stir occasionally.  Like every couple of months.
It will form more of a gel. that you will be able to see.
That means it's ready.
When someone feels a cold coming on use this concoction in 
tea or with a shot of whiskey
for relief and a feeling of well-being.
Especially if you use it with whiskey.  hahaha
Just do it.  It will last you for years.
When the time comes that you notice you need more honey just add more honey, fruit or ginger.
It will never get old.  Honey is a natural preservation with antiseptic properties.
If you are really feeling bad, you can drink it straight out of the jar.
It's still better than theraflu, and that's a fact.
It also makes a wonderful Christmas present.