Feb 17, 2011

Oh, sorry, didn't see you.....

I am adjusting to bifocals....does that ever end?
I keep getting home from the grocery store with stuff that I didn't want.  At first I just thought I was extremely absent minded, but I think I may have figured it out.  Last week I expressly remembered getting a bag of tator tots to make the ever popular tator tot casserole.  When I looked in the freezer to get the tots, they weren't there.  After looking in both freezers all I came up with was a bag of hashbrowns that I didn't remember buying.  I think the bags of hash browns must have been a little bit closer than the tator tots, and I grabbed the wrong bag. 
This is my life now.
I hate to bring it up, but so far my driving has been ok.  At least as far as I know.
Looking down is a challenge, and if it's dark, I just have to grab something and wave my foot around until I find something to set it down on.  From there I call on faith, man.   I think it's my only hope.
I saw an old friend of mine in the post office the other day and I noticed that while we were standing beside each other we kept twisting our necks around so that we could see each other "right".  Neither one of us mentioned it but I have to say, it was painful and made my head hurt.
One night going into a basketball tournament in the dark I had to stop and shut my eyes because the sidewalk sloped down at one point and it made me dizzy. DIZZY!!   The people in the next car probably thought I was drunk.  Or worse.  With any luck they will spread the word and people will give me extra room for parking.
This could get messy.  I'm just hoping I don't get hurt.
And if one more person tells me they saw me the other day and I didn't wave, let me say this:
I wave at everybody who I see, having long ago given up trying to figure out who they are.  If I don't wave, give the old lady the benefit of the doubt and just assume I didn't see you, because I probably didn't.  In fact, you might want to count yourself lucky that I am not trying to park in the spot "next" to you.
With that I'm going to go try to make a grocery list....the tricky part will be double checking to make sure I actually get what is on the list before I leave the store.