Jan 21, 2011

Get real
If you haven't seen this article, you should.
It is horrible.  It is graphic.  It is almost, ALMOST, incomprehensible to me.
It makes me sick and makes me feel hopeless for our country.

The easiest thing to do is to stop the problem.
On TV when I see teenagers talking about what they think we should do about teenage pregnancy, (Let's stop right there:  WHY are we asking teenagers what they think?  Are we not giving them more credit than they, perhaps, are due?  Is this not like asking the fox how he thinks the henhouse should be guarded?  Contemplate this question.) and the interviewer asks "What about abstinence"?, (Let's stop again to contemplate whether this is, indeed, a common sense, affordable solution that anyone can accomplish) the teenagers get a flat eyed, arrogant expression on their (still forming, round cheeked) faces and say "That's not realistic".

Now, let loose and laugh, all you people with children, laugh and laugh and laugh.  I did.  Every time I saw it, and I saw it 4 times.  Once for each child I had.  Of which I planned exactly 1.

I would refer these teenagers to generations of women AND men, who, from the dawn of time, have had to face the reality that action A would have a very good chance of resulting in consequence B.  And those were just the MARRIED ones!! These teenagers could ask their parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, why, they could even ask a priest (!) and they would get the same story from anyone who has ever given birth, found themselves pregnant, or known someone who has. 
I think that a responsible adult would tell them the truth and NOT sit there and listen to the drivel they come up with to excuse themselves from taking responsibility, as if it made any kind of sense. 
I think a responsible adult would say "Get real, people."

Here is another good article with some history on abortion since Roe vs. Wade:

If you are inconveniently pregnant or know of someone who is, please consider adoption. 
I almost always know at least one couple who would give anything to have a child.  LOTS of people know  couples who want a child.  At least consider it.  It would be a realistically good choice.  A true win-win situation as close to "no regrets" as it is ever possible to be in this world.