Jul 18, 2012

Prayer to my Guardian Angel.....

Oh, most faithful companion,
Appointed by God to be my guide and protector,
and who art always at my side,
what thanks can I offer thee for thy faithfulness and love?
And for all the benefits thous hast conferred upon me?

Thou watchest over me in sleep;
thous consolest me when I am sad;
thous liftest me up when I fall;
thou avertest the dangers that threaten me;
thou preparest me for the future;
thou withdrawest me from evil
and excitest me to good;
thous exhortest me to penance whe I yield to temptation;
and reconcilest me to my offended God.

Long since should I have been cast into hell,
unless by thy prayers thou hadst averted from me the anger
of God.

Leave me not, then, I entreat thee;
but still comfort me in adversity,
restrain me in prosperity,
defend me in danger,
assist me in temptations,
less at any time I fall a victim to them.

Offer to God my prayers and groanings,
and all my religious exercises,
and obtain for me the great gift of final perseverance,
and the grace to die in the friendship of my Creator,
and so to enter into life everlasting.