May 9, 2014

This Is A Test.....

A test of my strength, I say.  One third of the way through with this project finds the living room and hallway ready for mud to be blown upon the scraped and sanded ceilings.  The walls are ready for paint once the ceiling mud gets done.  I say one third because I'm counting both demolitions as a third each and the "new" part, painting and putting down new flooring as one.  Because I think believe it will be so much easier I won't mind it at all.  I need to believe this.  Do not bring me down.  Not at this point.  I beg of you!

So we decided the smart thing would be to just go ahead and get all the dirty stuff over with.  Which is why tonight finds me throwing everything I don't really, really need in boxes and storing it in the garage for the duration.  By "duration" I am unclear on whether I mean the duration of this project or the duration of my life. I am not washing any of it. I am in no mood for that now.  I am  Just stuffing it in boxes and getting it out. \

I've been so tired I told them at work that I was pretty sure I was approaching zombie-hood.  It's like my life is exploding, which normally I can handle.  But it's happening on all fronts and I'm behind everywhere, and I can't find anything but my tools, my purse, and the bills.  That's it!

My car has been recalled for a starter, which GM (whatever THAT means now) was kind enough to send me a letter.  It said to call a dealer.  So I called a dealer, and now it will take several weeks to get the parts.  That would work perfectly for me because I really don't have time to deal with this anyway, except this means that I have to keep the papers in my purse and they are getting frayed.  And I'm afraid I'll lose them too.  I used to be organized.  At least I used to believe I was organized.  My perception of reality is being revised.

All this being up past 8 pm is very hard on me.  Last night I went to sleep at 6 pm.  Seriously!  Yeah, I woke up about 7:30 but only because I sensed someone on my porch.  Turns out, I can sleep through the
Angel coming into my house, talking to my dogs, yelling downstairs for the boys, and then sanding quietly for I-know-not-how-long while I sleep like the dead.  I guess I really needed the sleep!  Oh well. I think they were all just normal sounds.  I only wake up when something different happens because I am a well trained machine, but only when it's necessary.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Welcome to my crazy life.  Don't take off your shoes.  Really.  It is for your own safety that I say this.

And yes, that is a piano in my kitchen.  Don't ask.  Not that those of you whom have ever moved a piano would.  

I assume that later, when everything is new and clean and.......blank, and I can again lift my arms and find the dish soap and stuff, I will find renewed strength for duties such as these.  I believe.  I can pass this test.  I think I can, I think I can.

If not, I guess the kids will have to go through it when I die.  This seems perfectly fair to me because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have all this stuff anyway.  Which reminds me, Rockette, I have a lot more room in the garage for storage than it looks like.  Luckily, I have kept my box cutter safe and now need to go put it to good use getting rid of empty boxes stored here for safe keeping by our own Rock Star.  Say goodbye to those empty boxes for drum kits and GPS systems, Rock Star.  Unless you show up very soon to plead for their lives, they are ending their time on this earth.  It's not too late if you pick up the phone right now, but the best you are going to do is to have them safe and filled with the debris that's been hanging on the fridge for the last several years.  Or cake plates.  I have, like, 6 of those suckers and I know for a fact that I just took the magnet of you in kindergarten off the fridge.  It could be much should know that I even got rid of those empty jars I was saving for pinterest projects.  ( I can hear various women friends of mine moaning and wondering if I still have them right now.  Can't you?)  Hurry on over, girls.  I've got stuff everywhere I would just love to send home with you.

Onward.  Tomorrow we will don our trusty trash bags and filter masks and reduce our kitchen to a blank, if not a clean, slate.  That popcorn is not going to scrap and sand itself!  I am quite excited with my new shop vac.  I carefully dust it off every night after I sweep the floor with it 3 times.  Or so.

And to all the mother's out there, Happy Mother's Day!!  Whether you are one or have one, or both, I hope you have a most blessed day and weekend.