Nov 16, 2014

First Snow of the Season......

We had our first snow of the season today.
We were burning the last of the boxes when it started.
The momma cows with their babies have been moved into the hay field that just got mowed and baled a couple of weeks ago.  
They are there, day and night, noting my presence each time I come out the front door.
They warn me with their eyes to stay away from their babies.
Their babies often run about and make me smile.
As you can see, we got some frost out on the pumpkin.

I can't believe my brother said I was optimistic for bringing 2 snow shovels.
When will he learn that I know a few things, too?  :D
We spent the rest of the day with good food in a warm house.
The fireplace is going.
Enjoy your first snow and accept the fact that winter is here again.
You might as well.
It will be here for the next 6 months.
I hope I get to keep the company of the cows.