Aug 26, 2012

A Must Read. Really.

You must read a book called The Shack, by Wm. Paul Young.

It's about God, and forgiveness, and eerily enough, having faith when it's inconvenient, messy, and very, very hard.  God continues to surprise me even after I have long since accepted that there are no coincidences.  His sense of timing is impeccable as always.

I can't give away the plot, sorry, but I promise you it will blow you away.  It did me.  It also enabled me to forgive some very heavy burdens that I have been dragging around for most of my life of my own free will.  As Pink so succinctly put it, "Why do I do that?  Why do I do that?  Why do I do that?"  Stop worrying about why and just give it to God.  It doesn't really matter why, all that matters is that you stop.  And you can.  I did.  It is such a relief I can't even tell you, and after you read this book, I won't have to, you will know.

Wal Mart currently has it.  It's $10 bucks and change.  It is located with the religious books, but it has absolutely nothing to do with "religion" as we recognize it.  I am telling you where it is because while I am sure Wal Mart has some kind of system for organizing their books, it is not a system that has anything to do with order or logic.

I highly recommend it as a gift for any or, perhaps more importantly, no occasion whatsoever.

I am blogging it because the author requested it.  You can check it out further at