Apr 15, 2015


We are getting a rainy but warm week here.
The flowers are making good progress.
The seeds are coming up!
I always plant my seeds for flowers during the waxing moon.
These were planted during the last quarter before it was full.
Plants that make their treasures below the ground should be planted after the full moon, when the moon is waning.
I broke my own rule about throwing money away on annuals and went crazy and bought some Dianthus.
I can't resist Dianthus.
I added them in front of the basket.

I put a Christmas tree stand to use as a pot for some Lobelia.
Lobelia is also an annual but I love it even more than Dianthus and I got a packet of seed for 20 cents.
I don't even count that as throwing money away.
What's 20 cents in this world?

I just flipped the stand upside down and there it was.
I think the blooms of Lobelia all around that dark green circle will be very pretty.
Here is a picture if you are unfamiliar with Lobelia.
It's one of my favorites.

The pot full of violets is also doing well, so far, with the diaper in the bottom to try to save some water.
This could be due to the cloudy weather and frequent rain showers though.
The jury is still out on using the diaper in the bottom of the pot.
I think maybe it would have been better if I would have lined the bottom of the pot with clay before adding the diaper.
We will see.

Perhaps it was the phase of the moon that made the dogs dig a huge hole in the back yard.  They have always dug holes but have seldom shown any focus or dedication.
This time they dug the prettiest hole, about a foot deep and at least 15 inches wide, that I had ever seen.
Just one.
So I possibly threw away $4.97 on a rose bush and threw it in there.

It's a pink Tea Rose and seems to be doing quite well so far.  
This rainy week will help and then it will have full sun.
I hope it lives.
I may have to get it a trellis. 
The package didn't say it was a climber so I guess we will have to wait and see.