May 1, 2013

My Patriot Friend....

If you love America and grew up with the idea that the civil rights movement was fighting to make everyone equal, without regard to skin color, gender or religion, welcome.  You will like it here.
If you also find yourself wondering about 1/2 the time if all this is really happening or if it might be a bad dream and how everything (I mean every. single. thing.) got so upside-down and whether we can ever recover balance, I feel your pain.
But it's really happening.
If you long for a day when the best qualified person got the job and one's sex life was not a proper subject for conversation, let alone a call from the POTUS ( "they ain't what they used to be", I think that was Jed Clampett in my head again), I think we will have to work very hard if we are to ever see those days again.  
I know that's crazy.
If you wonder what happened to bring us here, you have quite a bit of work to do.  But it's worth it.
It's enough to make you think those earnest civil rights' workers' got hijacked by evil forces.  You might want to follow that thought and do some research.  Wink, wink.
If you are tongue tied when you try to express some of this, here's a blog by a Patriot Friend of mine you should check out and probably follow. He says it so much better than I do and he makes me feel not only less lonely, but like there are still some adults around.  Also that someday they might be in charge again!
It might save your sanity.  It has mine.
You might not feel better, but you will not feel so alone, I can promise you that.  And you will probably laugh too!
Keep our country, our military and of course Israel in your prayers.  
Your prayers to God.  
Do I need to say that?!!!??