Feb 19, 2011

Uncomfortable positions

If you are looking for a laugh today, you need to stop reading right here.

I am "having a life" for a little while this weekend, so no long post, but this morning I checked one of my favorite news blogs and saw this, and no matter how you feel about abortion, I think you need to get real clear on your stand because our young women need us now more than ever in the history of this world.

Whatever choices you may make, they stay with you and will shape you and hold you accountable every single day of your life.  Sorry to be the one to break it to you if you hadn't figured this out already.

When you are a young woman, you cannot even imagine how long your life is going to go on.  You will not be able to understand even this concept for many years.  And that is just due to the hormones, honey, and nobody's fault at all.  In fact, it's the way God designed it. 

I do not think we will ever see a world without abortion.  I don't even think we have ever seen a world without abortion, whether it was accomplished by some Pennyroyal in your tea that you bought from the wisewoman of the village or a "free" women's health provider in a modern clinic.  It has always been with us.

When Roe vs. Wade passed, I, like most people I think, assumed it would be safe and rare.  Somewhere we have slipped off the track.  How we got to the point that there could be any question as to the seriousness of that decision, not to mention the consequences of such an action, is beyond me. 

If you are still here, please see the link below and my comment.  Feel free to leave a comment also.

We are the adults now.  It is up to us. 

True story.

And after that, spend the weekend with someone you love.  God bless you all and if you are not praying for our country, now would be a good time.