Jun 6, 2012

The Healing Prayer

Time for another prayer.  Can there ever be enough?  

The other night I was enraged by an adult who told my child they were going to kill his dog.  I purposely did not confront this so-called adult that night because I didn't want to go all crazy mom on her.  I try to limit that to my own children or pets.  

By that evening I had planned to give her a call and simply ask her how it would make her feel if I came up to her child and told that little girl that I was going to kill her pet. I did not think she had thought her actions all the way through.  I still don't think she did.  Some people never grow up.  I feel sorry for their parents and their children equally.  My child responded in a respectful manner to her and as apparently the 14 year old was the only "adult" in the conversation. I am very proud of him for that.  "And a little child shall lead them".  Needless to say, I went to bed upset and prayed further about it.

At 1 am I received a call from one of my best friends who had been informed that she had what the Dr. thought was a malignant tumor in her lung.  

This brought everything into perspective and made all the small stuff fly right out the window of my brain.  Frankly, I found it a relief.  

In the end, I know that I cannot control anything but myself, and even that is a battle I do not always win.  I have taught my children to always be respectful of adults, whether the adults deserve it or not, and that much has stuck with them.  My mission has been accomplished.  Others' behavior is on them.  May God help them.

I spent the next day praying hard for my friend and mulling over how much we all need healing.  Whether you need physical or spiritual healing I think this prayer is good.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Healing Prayer 
By Wayne V
(New Orleans)

Lord I know that I am not worthy of you.  Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me and I plead the blood of Jesus for the repentance of my sins.  I ask that the blood of Jesus cleanses and heals me of any disease and sin.

I have faith and trust that it is by your stripes I am healed, by your blood I am cleansed and by your sacrificed body I am made whole. I pray for the restoration of my body, soul, mind and spirit and I ask to be forgiven of my trespasses. 

I ask that a hedge of protection be over me and pray that the blood Jesus has shed on the cross be spread over that hedge to protect me from any of the enemies' toils and snares. 

Let no weapon formed against me prosper and may the light of God shine though me that I may be given to bring deliverance, and healing to all in Jesus' name. 

God, I am your vessel please use me as you see fit. Help me to discern right from wrong, good from bad, righteousness from evilness, goodness from sin, and the virtuous from the evildoers. 

Let my faith increase and my prayers be as a beautiful melody to your ears. Thank you for saving my soul and for taking care of me. I love and honor you for you are my savior, my Lord, my God, my all in all. 


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