Mar 2, 2011

adult content: check

I had to change the settings of this blog to adult content.  Kind of hated to do it but after bringing up Gang Rape I really couldn't defend any other choice.  Sorry that it makes an extra step, but life is ugly and I try to keep an accurate record, since that has fallen out of fashion in the media these days.  As usual I am flying by the seat of my pants and still have a lot of stuff to learn about blogging. 

I assume this is obvious.

I found the missing earring this morning.  If you love something, let it go...........Remember that poem, circa whenever you were in about 6th grade?  If it comes back to you, it is yours.  This works.  It has returned to me once again, as many things have. :)  Not everything, though, and thanks to such life experiences I now have MUCH material to blog (insert evil laugh, picture Cruella DeVille, but with an electric cigarette).  Just kidding. Probably (insert another evil laugh here).   A happy ending here, for today, and that is enough.

I am still smoking the lowest nicotine cartridge in my magic stick.  I am too afraid to go to just water vapor.  I tell you this with the full knowledge that it is also ridiculous.  Apparently, I am perfectly comfortable doing completely ridiculous things out of fear, despite a formidable logic that resides in my brain.  What can I say?  I'm an enigma, a work in process, an addict, an extrovert, even if I'm only talking to strangers on the internet, tired, MANY things, some as yet undiscovered.  At least I'm  honest.  As a kid I was always the first one on the roller-coater, the first one to jump off the big cliff, the one who wasn't afraid to say pretty much anything.  Apparently I used up all my fearlessness in my youth.  I am working on it, more than that I cannot do.

I have started saving posts with just general ideas in them as they occur to me and live with the constant fear that I have posted them by mistake.  Paranoia can be your friend, and I find it useful in small doses.  It can be a really good motivator if used properly..  at least I think I am using it properly.  Why?  What have you heard? 
Just kidding.
Little paranoia joke......
Ok, I'm done.  I have a bag of candy to devour.