Feb 24, 2011

Gang rape happens, even if not reported

I hate to bring everybody down today, but as you know, I can never keep my mouth shut.

The following link is a story that has not seen much coverage.  It is a difficult topic.  But I'll be damned if I'm going to keep quiet about it.  It is graphic and true.  If you have a daughter, or are a daughter, read it.

Still here?  How are you feeling now?  Did you know this?  Hadn't heard? 

This woman, an American citizen and reporter for CBS, was raped, by between 6 and 50 men, for up to 3 hours (reports vary) in a mob while they screamed JEW.  Oh, and a lot of it was recorded. On camera phones.  Hard as it is to believe, they simultaneously have camera phones and lack any aspect of simple human decency.

First of all, the last thing I would ever want to do is bring more pain to this woman, or any woman who has gone through this.  I cannot imagine surviving this or even trying to recover from it.  I certainly cannot imagine trying to survive it or recover from it with the whole world watching.  I don't know if we will ever hear from Ms. Logan again.  I would certainly understand if we did not.  I do not want to draw unwanted attention to her, but this needs to be addressed.

Second of all, I know she has been a reporter for years and used to work for CNN.   I remember her reporting from the Iraq war.  I assume she is very familiar with the Middle East, which is why I cannot for the life of me imagine why she would have gone out to report (about the democracy loving protester's, if CBS and other MSM are to be believed) without covering her head with at least a scarf.  But she did.  I do not think a woman "should" have to cover her head with a scarf, no American does as far as I know.  However, in Muslim countries men have the right to beat you and even kill you for this offence.  This is their law. Be prepared before you go to obey their laws, as we SHOULD be able to expect them to obey ours in America.  

When in Rome..... So there is that.  I do not know if the powers that be told her she was exempt from this, or that they could protect her, or what.  We may never know, but I certainly hope we find out.  Suffice it to say I think it was a very bad decision on her part, and I do not believe for an instant that she did not know better.  I also find it hard to believe she would have risked this because she has never seemed unintelligent to me.  So there is more to this story I think.

Third of all, if you know a young woman (or are a young woman) who thinks it is her "right" to dress any way you want to, this might serve as a cautionary tale for you.  I am not saying you do not have the right to dress any way you want.  I am saying that you need to be careful of the image you project and the company you keep, because things can get way out of hand really quick and there may not be anybody there who can, or will, help you.  In fact, there may be lots of guys standing around recording whatever happens with camera phones.  Count on it.  Ms. Logan was not dressed provocatively in any way, shape or form to an Americans eye.  I do not mean to suggest that she was.  I mean to suggest that to those men, because she was a woman, felt they had the right to treat her any way they saw fit.  Their mother's must be SO proud.

Scary stuff.

Fourth, this would be a good time to say a little prayer for Ms. Logan, and while you are at it, thank God that you live in a country where  people have rights, whether they are man, woman or child.  Hell, in America even fish, birds and trees have rights protected by lawyers (activists) paid for by the taxpayers.  Better to be safe than sorry.

The fact that this has not been reported on bothers me most of all.  I do not want to bring more attention to her now, in her condition.  In fact, if I was guarding her door, I would make everyone go away and probably shoot all the  men just for good measure.  It seems to me that this story didn't "fit in" with the crap they are trying to make us believe. So they didn't say anything, not to protect her privacy, but to protect their storyline and their asses while they are at it.  Their mother's must be SO proud.

Frankly, people, we are not that stupid.  It scares me for our young people to go around believing what they see on TV.  They might believe that you can go around the world and not have to worry because you are an American.  They might not have noticed that we are combating Anti-American hate from more and more directions all the time, some of them WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY.  We have a pretty good life here.  It's not perfect and never will be.  We have our problems, but we can work them out if we are all on the same side.  I want to believe we are all on the same side, but it gets harder every day.

Someone started a facebook page entitled "We raped Lara Logan and enjoyed".  This hit me like a train.  I reported it and asked everyone I knew to report it also.  I suppose it was a "right" to start a page like that in America.  It's our right to report it also.  I'll be interested to see how long it stays up.  But I was so sad thinking that anyone would do that at all.  It is beyond cruel, beyond tasteless, and beyond reason to me.  If they did it just to upset people it is the most pathetic thing I've ever imagined.

Like the college students who boo'd the vet at Columbia college, it sickened me and I wondered what this world was coming to.  Is it some kind of joke to them?  What is this attitude????  Who is encouraging our young people to think, let alone act, this way?  What kind of environment nurtures this kind of behavior?
I do not know.  But I will not politely lower my eyes and keep quiet.  EVER.  Because it is wrong.

Funny how with all our technology gang rape still ranks number one as the preferred method of war, isn't it?  Isn't that just hilarious? 
I hope you know that is sarcasm.  (We SO need a font for that, tone cannot translate in the written word).

The only advice I can offer is be aware.  Of where you are, who you are around, and the tone you are projecting.  Do not assume other people are good, or even decent.  Some people have no idea what it is to live in a civilised society.  A LOT of people, and we have more here every day.

The only hope I can offer you tonight is the hope that those animals will be blown off the map and left to pick up rocks for the next 75 years.  I wish I could say it was a valid hope, but I am sorry to say I don't think it's going to happen.

We'll see.

I pray for Lara Logan to find her strength, and not so she can cover for her network, either.  Shame.