Sep 15, 2013

A Few Good Men........

Not your average Saturday night.  Er, for me anyway.
Have you ever just had it and decided to take the bull by the horns?  Sometimes that can lead to kind of crazy stuff.

I decided to go out looking for a few good men, so my friend Katrina and I set out tonight, accompanied by my 1911 pistol Michael, and drove all the way to Kansas City on a quest.

We had to brave the Paseo, and we truly did make some sacrifices, mostly to our adrenalin systems, but we have gotten a fine start.  So fine in fact, it's going to be pretty hard to top.  But take heart, for I always did love a challenge.

When I said a few good men, I wasn't messing around.  

I have proudly supported this man since 2008.  No matter what life has thrown at him, he has stayed the course. 

"You cannot bring a good man down", how many times have you heard that?  However many times it has been, look around, and I am pretty sure you will find that it's true.  Every time.  And when I say "look", I mean actually find out for yourself.

Those with eyes to see in these times will tell you not to lose hope, because we have good people everywhere.  They are there, steadily pursuing the course they have set, undeterred by the ways of the world.  They are aided all along the way by those who volunteer their time or send in whatever small amount they can spare.   

Col. West spoke to us of our history, and asked us to go out, speak up, talk to people.  Many of us have been raised to be "polite", and that is a good thing.  But being polite doesn't mean being silent.  Politely speak what you know to be true.  

The way I look at it, we are fighting a terrifying enemy.  It's easy to feel hopeless about the future, especially if you have children.  But therein lies the key, and it is our greatest strength.  It's not a new kind of drone, it doesn't cost a dime, and everyone can do it.  We are fighting an enemy that does not value life.  Not even the lives of their children.  Frankly, I do not know how they got to that low point, but here in America, to the best of my knowledge, there is no more vicious enemy than one who is defending their child.  

Imagine going to a fight between a large man who believed that if he died in the fight he would rewarded with 72 virgins and a mother who knew that if she lost the fight her baby would be raped, sodomized and beheaded.  I'll concede the fact that the odds would favor the big guy, but I'd still put my money on the mother.  Even if I only had a dollar left to my name, and even if most of the bets were being placed for the big guy.  LOTS of people would, I believe.

I see real leaders all around, despite the results of "elections".  Real leaders.  Leaders that people respect and are willing to listen to and serve, despite any cost.

If you can't think of one right off the top of your head then I seriously advise you to start paying attention.

This world is not going to fix itself.  We've been "at ease" too long.

Oh, and did you know Col. West proposed to his wife Angela at KCI?  Well, he did!