May 18, 2011


Check out this information.  When you have a blog, you also have a page for statistics that will show you how many people clicked on your page that day, where they came from as far as what site they came to you from, and also a map to show you where in the world your readers are located.

Don't get excited, it doesn't actually track your identity as far as I know.  I mean, I am not the government.  Never think it! ( I am not saying they track your pages, I am not saying they don't.  I let you make your own decisions.  Just never count out the fact that even if they are tracking your pages, someone would have to go through all the data they collect in order to figure it out.  I think we all know the odds of that happening in our government, don't we?  hee hee hee)  But back to your ID's, I didn't set it up that way because, well, honestly I don't care that much about your identity unless you interact with me and I get to know you, in which case I hardly need that information anyway.
So, these are my stats from today so far.  People in these countries have clicked on my blog today:

United States  119
Australia             2
Germany             2
France                2
United Kingdom  2
Ireland                2
Russia                 2
Singapore           2
Canada              1
Cameroon          1

Pretty interesting at the very least.  Now, I can account for the 2 in Germany, probably, but beyond that they either get here from other blogs that I follow and comment on or they find me be searching specific words.
Also, I have to admit, I'm pretty sure that a few of these countries probably have government employees that check on lots of things everyday, just to keep up on what's on the down-low, if you get my drift.  Let us not forget that I am almost positive I am on a Domestic Terrorist Watch List, due to my patriotic postings, mostly on FB.  I am proud of that and invite anyone to check out my blog at the smallest whim.  You never know what you will find, and if you suffer from paranoia, you could spend days wondering what is in "code".  LOL
Nothing is in code, my dears, but I hate to discourage government employees for actually working.  Besides, it keeps them busy and out of my hair, and I'm paying for it anyway.  Might as well get my money's worth!

So, does anybody know where Cameroon is?  I didn't even realize it was a country, but then I've been behind ever since the conglomeration of what I knew as "Russia" became 12 or 13 different countries....that is how far behind I am and you know what?  I figure why learn them now?  They will probably just change again and all us old folks can just keep calling it Russia, then when we are interrupted by some young person currently in the "know", we can just shrug and say "whatever"....  It worked for my grandparents and I plan to stick with the program.  If you are still curious about Cameroon, google it.  It's by Nigeria and at least 1 person there today took a chance and tuned in.  Probably for a prayer, but who knows, maybe they are looking for a gun to buy also.  Prayers and guns are a winning combination, known the world over.  NOW.

The other way they can find your blog is by searching keywords.  This is pretty hilarious in my case, most of the time.  And that was just the times I believed them.  Once it said someone found my by typing in "digging out ass".  It was one of those times I chose not to believe.  But it was probably right because I had just done a post on Digging Out after the blizzard, so maybe it was true.  At any rate, I'm sure whoever it was didn't stay long.  At least that is my hope.  Just as you never know what you'll get when you come here, you never know who you might run into here......
So far, so good.