Jan 23, 2011

It is snowing again.  I think we have at least another 5 inches and it's still coming down. 
Very beautiful this morning.  The only thing to hear is the wind, no one has stirred yet.  PERFECT.
I have a barn and cows across the way from me, and this morning the little calves are running around kicking up their heels.  Their poor mothers, from this distance, look to be up to their knees in snow.  Every time one of the calves frisks by the cows look at them as if thinking "Crazy kid.  I remember when I could kick up  my heels.....".  Then one of the calves will nurse for awhile.  The cows just stand there.  I guess they could if they wanted to....the snow isn't THAT deep yet. 
I love, love, LOVE days like this when you don't have to get out and have everything you could ever want right here at home.
I am going to try a white chili enchilada casserole today.
Hope you take the time to BE HOME while you can.  Sometimes God makes it impossible not to. :)