May 18, 2014

My People Have Found Our Color......

I think.  I'm pretty sure.  It's an Olympic color called Blackberry for the bead board.  It looks very much like navy blue.

It's very hard to get the effect of it from pictures, but here it is up against some color I-can't-remember-the-name-of-but-it-doesn't-matter-because-Lowe's-saved-it-for-me kind of a grey or blue or lilac color.  I really like whatever color that is because it looks different depending on what is around it and I plan to go with purples and grays for accent colors.  This will be the living room and hallway colors.

This color, one step up from Blackberry and called Silhouette something, is basically a pretty periwinkle blue/purple.  I got it in case I lost my nerve with the Blackberry.  You can't really tell anything from these pics.  Perhaps at some point I will at least figure out how to take pictures with the Android tablet that up unto this point has been worthless to me.  Perhaps.  I do not let myself stress about it.  I find that life in so much easier when you don't care a great deal about details like this.  Getting older has it's compensations.....

And here is the Blackberry again up against the something-something Antique Lace that was a Valspar ready to go sample.  I looked at yellows and whites for hours, unable to pick any one color that I liked.  Then the voice inside my head said "Like you would be able to tell the difference once it's on the wall........does this really matter?"  Well.  No, it did not really matter.  So I just went with what was ready and what do you know?  Pale yellow, pretty much exactly the color of butter that I was wanting for the kitchen anyway.  God Wink or the victory of apathy?  You decide.  All I know is it worked out pretty good.

Now I can get started painting the bead board so it will be ready for installation.  It makes me feel so much better to get this hurdle over with!  Now, back to fixing cracks and sanding so that our walls will be fresh and new and ready to hold beautiful, colorful paint.  My people, whoever they are, are no longer afraid of color.  At least from four feet down the wall to the floor.  One small step for me, one giant leap for my people, whoever they may be.  :D

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