Aug 3, 2012

We did it!

It took most of a day that was soooooo humid, but we did it.  We have done it.  We now have an electric fence inside the chain link and the dogs are free to reign over the domain of our backyard once again.

We got some rain yesterday morning, which was an unexpected blessing.  I enjoyed it very much, sitting on my porch and drinking coffee. 

Following that was a trip to buy fencing supplies, long discussions of "options", the purchase of "some" supplies, other trips to other places for other discussions of "options" with coffee drinking farmers, and eventually the work was in progress.

I had no idea you could not just run down town and buy a 6 or 12 volt battery anymore.  Who knew?  Luckily, I had a practically brand new and hardly used battery in the lawn mower that hasn't run for at least 3 years.  A few hours on the trickle charger and we were in business.

The dogs got it within 1 zap each.  They are very smart that way.  The real problem is us.  After we had made the big beautiful yard safe for them, the boys were compelled to let them in last night "because they were lonely".  They went out for about 2 hours this morning and then I let them in "because it's so hot outside".  Now they are laying at my feet contentedly listening to my type.  We are very good people.  We love our dogs.  Self discipline is obviously the burden we are destined to overcome in this life.  So be it.  Eventually the boys are going back to school and I will go to work and the dogs will be in the backyard staying away from the fence, and everything will be as it should.  That is my plan, anyway.

After the rain it got so humid, as we were setting posts and running the wire, that sweat was actually beading up and running down my scalp.  Also, you may already know that the drought hasn't slowed down the mosquito's at all, and they had a feast on all of us.

This did not leave me in very good shape to go register the boys for school, but I just tried not to touch my hair, sprayed on some perfume we sallied forth.

Lord help me, we sallied forth in order to pay the school to be registered for such classes as "minority studies".  Yep.  You read that correctly.  I am not making it up.  If I hadn't already been sweat soaked and eaten up by mosquito's I probably would have had the energy to make a big deal of this.  I have very little energy left to throw at ignorant, gigantic Federal institutions, which is what public school has become, and this is probably good, since I have to live in this town.  Ok.  I don't "have" to live in this town, but it would be a lot of energy to move and the public schools will be the same no matter where I live.   But I have to tell you, I have just about had it.  If I could find someone to do it, my children would be home schooled, but this probably isn't news.  As it is, the kids show up and get passed without learning much of anything useful and the parents pretend to be happy and proud that they are doing so well.  We just work on the real lessons at home, in the time we have between supper and bedtime, if you are old-fashioned enough to work for a living.  It's the path of least resistance, I know, but I can only do so much.  

Do not doubt that we had a quite lively discussion of this in the convenience store where we ran into other guinea pigs students after registration.  The result was that there are several kids going to school that have been told that since they are white, male, and expect to work for a living, they are the new minority.   

Wonder how the teacher's gonna like them apples?  Poor thing.  I have no evidence that this is anything the actual teacher believes in, you understand.  I'm about 99.9% sure it's just part of the "curriculum" and there is a "rule" that it must (MUST I SAY!!) be checked off of a "list".  If the "list" isn't "checked off", there will be a "bad report", and the poor teacher's salary might "be affected".  

How do you think they get people to do this anyway?  It's not just through brainwashing.  You have to dangle some kind of good carrot to get people to go against everything their parent's tried to instill in them.  It is extremely helpful if you surround the subject with other's in the same boat.  They will call this a "team".  You don't think anybody would be stupid enough to advance this agenda without backup, do you?  Would you?  Of course not!  Most people do have a brain which often works despite their trying to suppress their own natural instincts.   Oh, and foster a strong belief that it's "the right thing to do".   This is supposed to silence logical and reasonable people with false guilt.  It is about 49% effective, too, and that is nobody's fault but our own.  

Apparently you need to start kid's attitudes of entitlement and victimization at least by the time they are freshman in high school.  Any later and it might not take, and then where would that leave the government?  

NOWHERE!  That's where!  


Which is one thing I would like to see before I die and I guess if that means having a war with my own children to supplant the insane, morally questionable (at best) and corrupt (at worst) attitudes that the school system seems to be intent on endowing them with, well, what can I say.? It appears to be my destiny.  We all have one and I'm not dead yet.  If you ever have cause to question what your "destiny" is, look around.  I'm pretty sure it's right in front of you.  Do it.  Then do what comes next.  This keeps the world spinning and we all have to do our part.

It's like a dream to me, getting the government out of our lives.  Remember another man who had another dream?  I thought we were there in the 80's, and I still think we were there, but not now.  Oh, no, now everyone is supposed to feel "bad" for anything "different" and "guilty" for things we never once did or even thought about doing.  

Would you just GET REAL already?  

If I am not mistaken, in America everyone has equal rights and we are all heavily encouraged to become adults and become self sustaining.  Nobody really cares or even thinks about what color you are and trust me, there are a whole lot of people who consider your sex life absolutely private and none of their business.  They wish you would consider it private and none of their business too!  Everybody has problems of their own and whining never helped anybody do anything.  

Whining=bad.  This should not have to be spelled out in a world of adults.  

But where are the adults? We have parents now who spend their time gaming and their money on "movies" that are cartoons.  Cartoons used to be for kids.  When my generation grew up, we waited to be 18, you know why?  So we could be independent!  The fact that this also meant we had a couple of milk crates for chairs did NOTHING to deter us.  In fact, it just made us swallow the fact that things cost money and our resolve to make more of it so we could buy us some stuff!  Now we have 18 year olds who play games most of the time living in their parent's basement and are not even expected to have a job, hence insurance, until they are 26????  Am I the ONLY ONE who is trying to raise adults????  I can't be!  It can't be true!!  I do not want to leave you with the impression that I think people below the age of 26 actually "need" insurance, either, because when I was that age I opted not to pay for it.  Why?  Because I was young and healthy and I wanted that money to buy beer or something instead.  But that was before the world moved on and started treating people like parasites, not to mention a time when people fought against being parasites.   Are those days gone?  Not if I have anything to do with it.

It looks to be a very interesting year.  Stay tuned.

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