Jan 28, 2012

More Girl Talk

I just had to record this little observation on the modern world.  In my weekly trek to Wal-Mart (aka The Mecca) I ran into a dear friend of mine and we got a chance to catch up in the office supply aisle.  After that we both headed in the same general direction.

I wanted to get some perfume, and as I surveyed the vast array of new perfumes, none of which you could actually smell, I was a little appalled by the names of them.  I looked down the aisle and there was my friend again, lost in trying to decide on eye shadow.  

"Who would want a perfume called Viva La Juicy?????"  I say, since it's just the two of us in the aisle.

She bursts into laughter.

"What the hell?  Doesn't sound like it would smell very GOOD to ME!"  

"Oh my God, that is funny!"  she laughed.

"And you can't actually smell any of them.......UP YOURS, Wal-Mart!"

By this time we were both laughing.

Note to young girls:  Have some discretion.  That stuff my smell great, but do you really want to answer the question "what perfume are you wearing?" with an answer like that?

Take a few minutes to think about what that says about not just you, but your entire generation.  Demand to be treated more respectfully.  Just some advise from a girl who's walked in your shoes.  Smelling like Liz Claiborne, I might add........

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