Aug 31, 2011

Getting Lost

On the way home from a trip recently, it was time to stop for awhile.  I spotted a cemetery in one of my favorite towns, and almost passed it by as being too "modern".

Then I saw this lady.....

and changed my mind.  She patiently waits, facing East, and seems to be prepared to wait for as long as it takes.  Isn't she beautiful?

She isn't far from this stone, which is by FAR the coolest way I have ever in my entire life seen a name on a headstone.  I think it must be his signature.  Just one more point of having legible handwriting...

Right across from the Lady ( I feel she deserves capitalization, I'm chivalrous like that) is this gorgeousness

Which is actually not any kind of stone at all, but a cool place to rest and get a drink.  Then I saw this sweet maiden and could not get a shot for anything, due to the fact that it was afternoon.  She was quite breathtaking also.

It was a nice break.  Quiet.  Plenty of room to walk.  No worries about your car being stolen or vandalized.  (wink wink).  Hope you enjoyed the pictures even though you may have seen them before, these being sent without my knowledge.  Even though I did it!

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