Apr 29, 2011

Time to myself....

Tonight, my house will be quiet.

Tonight, no one will stumble into my house at any hour of the night.

Tonight, no dishes will have to be done.  No laundry either, unless I just feel like it.  I'm not thinking that is going to happen, tonight.

Tonight, I will not have to worry about anyone coming to my door.

Tonight, dinner can be a bowl of cereal.  Or popcorn.  Whatever I want!!

Tonight, I will be able to take a bath without locking the door.

Tonight, I will turn off the alarm and not have to worry about what time I will get up tomorrow.  This may not sound like much, especially given the fact that I wake up around 5 am every morning of the world, but it makes a big difference just knowing that I will not "have" to get up by any certain time tomorrow.

Tonight, I will be able to get on the computer anytime I want.

Tonight, no one will be killing zombies in my basement. 

Tonight, no one will be saying things like "Screenpeeker!!"  "Are you serious??"  "Really?"  "You just had to shoot me---REALLY?" 

Tonight, no one who weighs more than I do will run up the stairs yelling "Nobody kill me!!!"  Nobody who weighs less than I do will either.  Nobody will at all.

Tonight, I will be able to watch anything I want on TV, and if it means I land upon a show about Gigolos, well, so be it.  There will be no one to shield from such information.  Side note:  from what I've seen, men and women in this field make about the same amount of money also.  IF I had wanted to upset y'all, I would have said men made more and sat back and waited for the fireworks.  LOL

Tonight, I will be able to talk out loud to myself, sing, and dance around my house with no one to watch.  Or record me on their phone.

Tonight, I will probably miss all my kids and smell their pillows.  Except for the one who always sneaks the dogs in to sleep in his room.  I can smell his room without actually entering it.  All the way down the hallway.  Note to self:  More Febreze.

Tonight, I will not feel guilty about not cleaning that room.

Tonight, I will just shut the door and put it out of my mind, delirious with the freedom from guilt.

Tonight, I can even sneak the dogs in and let them sleep with me.

Tonight, I will have my long awaited reunion with my Laura Ashley sheets.  I am new to these.  A friend of mine found some and bought them for a fund raiser for our local Humane Society.  I picked them up for $10 and noticed they were size "large".  True story.  I thought to myself, this Laura Ashley person must not know anything about sizing sheets.  Well.  Turns out, it doesn't matter.  That Laura Ashley knows everything she needs to know about sheets.  I put my "large" sheets on my queen sized bed and have had a terrible time getting out of it ever since.  Either I'm depressed or that woman makes some damn fine sheets.  I'm going with the latter.  Best $10 I ever spent in my LIFE.

Tonight, I can stay up reading till 4 in the morning if I want.  It won't matter a bit.

Tomorrow, I will get back on the ride of life. 

Back into the swing of things. 

I will feel guilty. 

I will clean.

 I will fix meals.

But TONIGHT....................Tonight is all mine. 

I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

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