Jan 14, 2011

Love Handles - Check

Still smoking my magic stick and sticking to the plan but it is HARD.  For one thing, my tongue has blisters all over it from constantly sucking on hard candy.  Butterscotch is my preference but I have never been picky when it comes to candy. 
So last night I stopped by the store to get a some garlic bread and lettuce.  Lo and behold!!  All Christmas cookies were on sale for $1 a bag.  Now, I should explain that when you stop smoking certain things happen.  Like, for one thing, you begin to taste and smell things again.  And you are kind of anxious all the time because you feel like you are forgetting something, so putting something in your mouth serves two purposes.  It makes you feel like you are doing something, and it helps get that taste of ashes out of your mouth.
Well, at $1 a bag I decided to live it up and threw 3 bags of cookies in my cart.  I'm feeling pretty good about it all and I don't even have to stop to bag a bunch of stuff, so efficient is the non-smoking, candy devouring new me.  When I got in the car, I was so hungry that I ripped open the nearest bag of cookies and I ate 27 cookies on the way home!!  I counted.  Because I'm efficient like that.  They were kind of stale, but that did not deter me in the least.  I was thinking this was crazy and how low I had sunk, when the person inside my head said "Hey, babe.  Whatever it takes.  There are probably children still starving in Africa.  You're golden."  And I felt better.
The person inside my head talks to me alot.  I used to think it was God when I was little, and it could be.  I always hear the person inside my head.  I do not always follow their advise, usually to my dismay, but in this case it was nothing but comfort.
Which brings me to the jiggling sides.  Possibly love handles.  Is that two words?  Whatever.  I have some.  I do not seem to have actually gained weight, but you know how it goes when you suddenly notice your jeans are tighter?  Mine are.  I was just starting to worry about gaining weight when the person inside my head said "It's not that you have gained weight.  It's just that you are not coughing 100 times a day anymore. That must be the equivalent of 100 sit ups. Or crunches.  Or WHATEVER they are calling them these days.
It made perfect sense to me.
So, my plan is to scoop some snow.  Plenty of that around.  If we get real excited we may even build snowmen this weekend.

I am just starting this blog and have not yet discussed permission to talk about my children (at least one of which I am pretty sure is not speaking to me right now.  Either that or there has been a disaster that I am not yet aware of).  So I will just say that I have 4.
The Rock Star, male, 21
The Beautiful Redhead, female, 18
and two perfect halves of what I like to call the Grand Finale, both males,both 13
The Oldest Baby, and
The Youngest Baby

Because you know they will always be my babies.  They'll tell ya.  They aren't even embarrassed at all.

So, is there anybody out there who can tell me how long before you can sit still without anything in your mouth?  Or is that just me?

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